0 BMPM Volunteers Registration moved to September 25

This is to inform everyone that the Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo Volunteers Registration that will be done in Cebu Institute of Technology supposedly today as blogged was moved to September 25, 2009 and still at the CIT Gymnasium.

This was done to coincide with the COMELEC Voters Registration in the campus.

Please be guided.
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0 BMPM and COMELEC Voters Registration in CIT this September 2009

As part of the CIT-SSG's commitment in involving the Technologians for social and political action, 2 big events will be held in our campus in anticipation for the upcoming 2010 elections.

UPDATED: There will be a Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo Volunteers Registration this September 25, 2009 in the CIT Gymnasium. This undertaking is part of ABS-CBN's aim in involving the youth in issues that matter to them and we in the CIT-SSG are with them.

This September 25, 2009, also in the CIT Gymnasium, the COMELEC Cebu City will be having a voters' registration for Cebu City South District people. Below are the barangays covered in this voters' registration:
  • Babag
  • Basak-Pardo
  • Basak San Nicolas
  • Bonbon
  • Buhisan
  • Bulacao
  • Buot-Taup
  • Calamba
  • Cogon Pardo
  • Duljo-Fatima
  • Guadalupe
  • Inayawan
  • Kalunasan
  • Kinasang-an
  • Labangon
  • Mambaling
  • Pahina San Nicolas
  • Pamutan
  • Pasil
  • Poblacion Pardo
  • Pung-ol Sibugay
  • Punta Princesa
  • Quiot
  • San Nicolas Proper
  • Sapangdaku
  • Sawang Calero
  • Sinsin
  • Suba
  • Sudlon I
  • Sudlon II
  • Tabunan
  • Tagba-o
  • Tisa
  • Toong
Before you can vote, you need to register. Here’s a step by step guide to successfully registering as a voter for the upcoming elections:
  1. Bring any of the following valid identification cards:

    * employee’s ID,
    * postal ID,
    * Students ID,
    * Driver’s License,
    * NBI or PNP clearance,
    * Passport,
    * PRC license

    Have a photo copy of your ID ready to be submitted to the Comelec. IDs should have name, picture and address. If you are not yet 18 but will turn 18 before the election period, bring a birth certificate. Forms should be accomplished in triplicate.
  2. Head off to your local Election Officer (OEO) at your local city or municipal hall during regular office hours (read: Mondays to Fridays, from 8am to 5pm). Lately, the Comelec has opened their doors as well to Saturday registrations. It’s also good to watch out for mobile registrations in your barangay and schools.
  3. Before you are given a registration form, the election officer will verify if you have registered in the past.
  4. Once cleared, you will be given the CEF-1A (white form) to fill-up. You can also download your own copy from the Commission on Elections website.
  5. Fill up ‘Part 1’ and hand it to the election officer, presenting your valid ID while handing over the photocopy of your ID.
  6. You will be ushered to the data capturing or biometrics desk for your signature, thumb mark, and picture.
  7. You will be given an acknowledgement receipt. Keep this as proof that you have registered. You will be asked to come back for your voters’ ID.
* Based on COMELEC’s and YVote Philippines’s election registration guide. Registration for first-time voters will end on October 31, 2009.

For students who are already 18 and above and are not yet registered voters, please present only your STUDENT ID. For students who will be turning 18 before May 10, 2010, please bring your STUDENT ID and your BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

These events are in coordination with the Cebu Institute of Technology Administration, CIT-SSG, Commission on Elections and ABS-CBN.
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0 Empowering Technologians through UserVoice

Technologians can now be empowered online! Give to us your ideas on what to improve in CIT, complaints on some services, concerns on several issues and many more through our new feedback form.

Powered by UserVoice.Com, the CIT-SSG aims to expand its consultative reach in the internet by using this tool.

We have observed that more Technologians speak up online than offline, so we are tapping this service in order to know what's in their mind.

The more votes on your comment, suggestion or concern, the greater attention that we will be looking on to it. Our action on those will be posted here in the blog.

Visit http://citssg.uservoice.com now and be heard!
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0 Parliamentary Procedures and Resolution-Making Seminar with Michael Nicholas Malazarte

Last September 12, 2009, the CIT-SSG invited former CIT-SSG President Michael Nicholas Malazarte to be the resource speaker for the Parliamentary Procedures and Resolution-Making Seminar.

This seminar was aimed on the new officers to give them knowledge about parliamentary procedures, which is very applicable in the Legislative branch of the CIT-SSG to have an orderly session.

Malazarte, welcomed by CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson and CIT-SSG Secretary General Kevin Ray N.Chua, talked about the basics of parliamentary procedures and its importance.

He discussed about the kinds of motions, constructing a motion, the nature of a resolution and other things. CIT-SSG officers also participated by answering Malazarte's question during his presentation.

On resolution-making, he recommended that the CIT-SSG officers follow the past administration's resolution form as it complies with the standards.

He also praised the CIT-SSG officers for their commitment to the CIT-SSG and stressed that being a CIT-SSG officer is not just for resumé but should be a genuine service to their constituents, the Technologians.
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