0 Welcome back Technologians!

In behalf of the entire officers of the CIT-Supreme Student Government S.Y. 2010-2011, we would like to welcome back all the Technologians, especially the freshmen.

As we enter the 1st Semester of S.Y. 2010-2011, your CIT-SSG would like to share with you the things you need to know about this organization, which is also your organization.

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0 Technologians judge VP Aspirants in ABS-CBN's Harapan

Responding to ABS-CBN’s invitation to represent the local youth sector, seventeen Technologians took part in the ABS-CBN Harapan: The Vice-Presidential Debate last Sunday, March 21, at 10 PM.

The debate, held in Manila, was attended by six vice-presidential aspirants, namely, Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Mar Roxas, Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay, former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Bayani Fernando, broadcaster Jay Sonza, and Atty. Perfecto Yasay, Jr. The CIT group was part of the 45-person live audience in Cebu, with Naga City and Davao City as other key simulcast points in the country.

Mark Anthony Razonable
, a BSECE-3 student, felt happy to join the event. He said, "It made me realize that now is the time to do something for the betterment of our beloved country." He was also privileged to express his sentiments and opinion through the wireless audience response system (WARS), a technology used during the event where members of the audience would press a button to indicate whether they agreed or disagreed with a candidate’s statement. Aside from the credibility and competence of the candidate, how the candidate responded to the questions and issues raised during the debate also became strong criteria on his assessment of the candidate.

CIT-SSG President Alan Angelo Llevares, who led the CIT participants, believes that the event further enlightened Technologians in identifying the most capable and worthy candidate. Their participation demonstrated Technologians' civic-mindedness and active concern with events seriously affecting the nation.

The invitation, sent through the CIT-SSG, was open to all Technologians. Also among the audience were students of University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) and University of the Philippines Visayas – Cebu College (UPVCC), local businessmen and persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Photos courtesy of Govardhan Requierme
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2 Noynoy tops Cebu Institute of Technology mock poll

Liberal Party's Noynoy Aquino emerged at the top during the mock presidential poll organized by CIT-SSG as part of its voters education exhibit dubbed as "The Indelible Ink: A Guide to Responsible and Informed Voting" from March 17-19, 2010.

In the neck-to-neck results of the conducted mock poll, Aquino got 40.38 % of the votes while Lakas-Kampi-CMD's Gilbert Teodoro got 37.09%. Nacionalista Party's Manny Villar was at third place with 11.79 % of the votes followed by Bagumbayan's Richard Gordon who got 4.68% of the votes. Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino's Erap Estrada placed fifth with 2.6%, Bangon Pilipinas' Eddie Villanueva at 1.91%, Ang Kapatiran Party's JC De Los Reyes at 0.69%, independent presidential candidates Jamby Madrigal and Nicanor Perlas at 0.52% and 0.35%, respectively. A total of 577 students, security guards, school officials and faculty members participated in the mock poll.

Aside from the mock presidential poll, the exhibit also featured profiles of the presidential candidates, information on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Youth Agenda, reminders on responsible voting and guide to automated election. Students were also encouraged to speak their mind by sharing their thoughts on what they were looking for in their choice of president. The exhibit was part of CIT-SSG's initiative to guide individuals within its own sphere of influence to make informed choices on the coming 2010 national elections.

DISCLAIMER: The results do not reflect the choice of the entire CIT population. In addition,the choice of those who joined the mock poll may also change during the actual election day.

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0 Congratulations to the CIT-SSG Leadership Awardees

In behalf of the entire CIT-SSG 2010-2011, we would like to extend our congratulations to the selected CIT-SSG 2009-2010 officers who will be awarded tomorrow in the CIT Parangal 2010 to recognize their valuable service that they have given.

Below is the list of the CIT-SSG Leadership Awardees for this year's Parangal:

  • Billy Jee Belenson
  • Bryan Merino
  • Kevin Ray Chua
  • Jose Isabelo Abella
  • Kim Honoridez
  • Regine Yocte
  • Darla Loyloy
  • Charlie Rivamonte
  • Dexter Dungog
  • Angelie Deguerro
  • Jan Michael Empinado
  • Marry-Ann Maurin
  • Citrex Ypanto
  • Lordwin Dejaño
  • Mel Cary Mula
  • Joseph Francis Parangan
  • Hannah Kristin Gitgano
  • Rogesa Marie Taboada
  • Zyra Denice Rago
  • Charisma Gicale
  • Ronnell Padillo
  • Vanessa Richie Alia
  • Rejoice Joice Morales
  • Jerald Paulo
  • Yra May Talaba
  • Margaret Johanna Alegado
  • Jessica Gingoyon
  • Louella Katrina Labrado
  • Liezl Sungahid
  • Michael Vincent Paña
  • Rodel Talaba
  • Michelle Ann Ruiz
  • Jay Ann Clamohoy
  • Federico Miguel Monte
  • Emilo Jurani
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0 CIT-SSG 2010-2011 Officers now in office

Last March 6, 2010, the CIT-SSG 2010-2011 officers were officially inducted into their respective positions after the February 26, 2010 CIT-SSG elections.

The day started with a holy mass in the CIT Chapel offered for the success of the incoming officers. Joining the mass were former CIT-SSG President Billy Jee Belenson, the new CIT-SSG President Alan Angelo Llevares and the new CIT-SSG Vice President Dexter Dungog.

CIT-SSG officers representing the different departments and colleges of the school converged for the induction at the Function Rooms A & B of the Golden Gear Hotel. Gracing the induction ceremonies were Student Affairs Office Head Elsa J. Miral, MIS-SPS Director Engr. Bernard E. Villamor and CIT-SSG Adviser Engr. Jonathan Reyes.

The event started with an opening remarks from Mrs. Miral reinforcing the leadership in every officers. She also emphasized the willingness of their office to help the CIT-SSG in every undertakings for the welfare of the students.

Later, the CIT-SSG Legislative Representatives were inducted by Engr. Reyes. The induction of CIT-SSG Vice President Dungog and CIT-SSG President Llevares were officiated by Mrs. Miral.

Former CIT-SSG President Belenson gave his valedictory address and shared his thoughts on how his leadership has been. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the CIT-SSG 2009-2010 a successful administration. He said that it never crossed his mind of being a CIT-SSG President given that he was only an ordinary promdi boy in the school. But when the opportunity was there, he grabbed it and took responsibility. Though his term has ended, he has committed to extend his help to the incoming officers.

The new CIT-SSG President Llevares also delivered his speech which centered on making a positive change in his administration. He was also thankful by the warm reception of the different legislative representatives despite their party affiliation.

Engr. Villamor gave an inspirational talk with the officers and asking them to do their best as elected officers for they're student leaders in their own right.

Engr. Reyes formally closing the event literally made a meaning out of the word "CLOSING". He asked the different representatives to work with the new President and transcend with the political divide for the good of the Technologians.

College of Education Dean and outgoing Cebu City Councilor Arsenio Pacaña also shared his thoughts on leadership which encouraged more the officers to give their best shot in everything that they do.

After the induction ceremonies, the CIT-SSG immediately proceeded to the CIT-SSG Office for the 1st Joint Session. But before it started, CIT-SSG President Llevares initiated an activity which gives all of the officers to introduce themselves and share their expectations.

The 1st Joint Session was convened on 1:55 PM.

The officers elected their Speaker, Speaker Pro tempore, Legislative Secretary and different Committee heads and already started discussing about the upcoming Voter's Education Exhibit within this month.

Click the following links for the photos: Photo Album 1 and Photo Album 2
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1 Results of the CIT-SSG Election 2010

In behalf of the CIT-SSG 2009-2010, we would like to extend our congratulations to the newly-elected officers for the CIT-SSG 2010-2011 under the leadership of incoming CIT-SSG President Alan Angelo Llevares and incoming CIT-SSG Vice President Dexter Dungog.

The newly-elected officers will be inducted and will begin their term of office this March 6, 2010 at the CIT Golden Gear Hotel. In attendance will be the outgoing CIT-SSG President Billy Jee Belenson and outgoing CIT-SSG Vice President Bryan Merino.

Below are the election results as tabulated and certified by the CIT-SSG COMELEC Chairwoman Fritzie Joanne Peñaloza.

PRESIDENT --> --> 3,765
Alan Angelo LLEVARES 2,496 66.3 %
Hannah Kristin GITGANO 1,269 33.7 %
VICE PRESIDENT --> --> 3,443
Dexter DUNGOG 3,443 91.5 %
Computer Science --> --> 123
Karl Daven NAVAREZ 99 80.4 %
Jerald PAULO 99 80.4 %
Jarlou VALENZUELA 98 79.6 %
AC Griffith CARUANA 97 78.8 %
Chemical Engineering --> --> 123
Clark DIZON 105 85.3 %
College of Nursing --> --> 107
Federico Miguel MONTE 101 94.3 %
Emilo JURANI 91 85.2 %
Mary Faith POSERIO 86 80 %
Mining Engineering --> --> 72
Jermaine GARRUCHO 70 97.2 %
College of Arts and Sciences --> --> 185
Jay Ann GARRIDO 165 89.1 %
Julianne TALADUA 135 72.9 %
Electrical Engineering --> --> 270
Andrew LOPEZ 237 87.7 %
Pajero PACINA 225 83.3 %
Architecture --> --> 97
Yohichi OKANO 94 96.9 %
Mechanical Engineering --> --> 286
Joshua BAGUE 271 94.7 %
Reymark YRAUDA 270 94.4 %
Marry-Ann MAURIN 227 79.3 %
Electronics Engineering --> --> 351
Warren Ryan FLORES 322 91.7 %
Darlene TEMPLADO 321 91.4 %
Rogesa Marie TABOADA 316 90 %
Phil Gerard GODIN 315 89.7 %
College of Education --> --> 258
Gui Paolo GODOFREDO 237 91.8 %
Hannah Joyce GUCOR 212 82.1 %
Computer Engineering --> --> 263
Chieselle Marie BETITO 209 79.4 %
Zyra Denice RAGO 208 79 %
Civil Engineering --> --> 382
Angelie DEGUERRO 341 89.2 %
Christian Kiyoshi JACOBE 339 88.7 %
John Le Carre ENERLAN 315 82.4 %
Industrial Engineering --> --> 227
Roxanne HERNAEZ 185 81.4 %
Jahanne Chrielle ARES 176 77.5 %
BJ Peter ILIGAN 141 62.1 %
Information Technology --> --> 422
Faith TANJAY 364 86.2 %
Rema ANTILIGANDO 359 85 %
Ronnell PADILLO 343 81.2 %
Jovel Clark CONTRATISTA 334 79.1 %
College of Commerce --> --> 596
Ryan Jay ABRAHAN 502 84.2 %
Donna Ann OBCIAL 491 82.3 %
Michelle Ann RUIZ 471 79 %
Michael Vincent PAÑA 469 78.6 %
Melody OYAO 461 77.3 %
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2 Free wifi service by your CIT-SSG

The CIT-SSG is now offering wifi service to all the Technologians, students and faculty for FREE. This is made possible by the efforts of the current officers in order to address the concerns of Technologians who want to access the internet for free inside the school.

This original plan was lobbied by CIT-SSG Secretary General Kevin Ray N. Chua to provide an internet connection for the CIT-SSG Office for its operations, online updates in Facebook, Twitter and etc. The plan was later revised in order to extend the scope to all the Technologians, with the help of CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson. The plan was only approved now because of the tedious process on drafting the guidelines, estimating the costs and etc. This will be the start of assessing whether it would be practical for the school to be a free wifi zone.

Thanks a lot to SPS-MIS Head Engr. Bernard Villamor for supporting the CIT-SSG's endeavor, to Technical Support Group Head Rolando Tindoy for his guidance and to the CIT President Gregorio Escario for approving the proposal.

The CIT-SSG will be paying for the expenses of the wifi connection.

Here are some important points to note strictly:
  • No playing of online games.
  • Don't make unnecessary noises.
  • Don't turn on their speakers, instead bring headphones.
  • No using of receptacle outlets in the CIT-SSG Office for charging your laptops.
  • No opening of pornographic and violent sites.
You can get a registration form at the CIT-SSG Office starting March 1, 2010 (Monday) to avail of the free wifi service. Please bring the following to accomplish the registration form:
  1. 1 (ONE) 2x2 Colored Photo
  2. 1 Clear Photocopy of your school ID
  3. And yourself also
A maximum of 20 wifi users will be allowed, 10 in the bulletin board outside the CIT-SSG Office and 10 inside the CIT-SSG Office. We'll still looking on to the possibility of extending the number of users because the wifi signal can cover around 50M radius, which can even reach the study area near the CIT Library and even in the premises of the CIT Main Bldg from 1st Floor to 4th Floor.

Here's the schedule of the time to wifi service in order to avoid congestion, each with different passwords:
  • 7-9 AM
  • 12 NN - 2 PM
  • 5-8 PM
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0 Voters Education Caravan in CIT successfully conducted

Just this morning in the CIT Auditorium spearheaded by the CIT-SSG and COMELEC together with Smartmatic and in cooperation with PoliticalArena.Com, a Voters Education Caravan was held in order to educate the students of CIT on the automated elections in 2010.

Hosted by CIT-SSG officers Ronnell Padillo and Jay Ann Clamohoy, the event was graced by Technologians who were curious on how they will be voting. Most of them are first-time voters.

CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson delivered his opening remarks to the audience and cited the importance of the event.

CIT-SSG Secretary-General Kevin Ray Chua spoke about why the youth vote matters in the upcoming elections. He stressed about the importance of the role that the youth will be crucial in making a good choice in 2010. He also elaborated on what's at stake for the youth if they don't participate.

Racquel Cagurangan, General Manager of PoliticalArena.Com discussed about the role of the new media in the elections. She also did a survey among the students wherein most of them were found out to be spending more time on Facebook than on Friendster.

Maan Tolentino was talking about the statistics on the new media being used by the youth. It can be observed that these tools can be utilized by the youth in order to make a change in their own simple way. She also promoted IbaNaNgayon.Ph and BagongBotante.Ph as the COMELEC's arm on informing the people online.

Alex Villacrucis, Election Officer of Borbon, Cebu was the one who did the demo of the PCOS machine. The demo machine that was used in CIT was brand new and CIT was the first to use the demo machine for Cebu. He also explained the election and voting guidelines to the students.

Blogger Azrael Coladilla was also in the there to cover the event and he was able to record the videos below. Check it out!



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