Parliamentary Procedures and Resolution-Making Seminar with Michael Nicholas Malazarte

Last September 12, 2009, the CIT-SSG invited former CIT-SSG President Michael Nicholas Malazarte to be the resource speaker for the Parliamentary Procedures and Resolution-Making Seminar.

This seminar was aimed on the new officers to give them knowledge about parliamentary procedures, which is very applicable in the Legislative branch of the CIT-SSG to have an orderly session.

Malazarte, welcomed by CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson and CIT-SSG Secretary General Kevin Ray N.Chua, talked about the basics of parliamentary procedures and its importance.

He discussed about the kinds of motions, constructing a motion, the nature of a resolution and other things. CIT-SSG officers also participated by answering Malazarte's question during his presentation.

On resolution-making, he recommended that the CIT-SSG officers follow the past administration's resolution form as it complies with the standards.

He also praised the CIT-SSG officers for their commitment to the CIT-SSG and stressed that being a CIT-SSG officer is not just for resumé but should be a genuine service to their constituents, the Technologians.

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