CIT-SSG Officers makes courtesy call on CIT Administration officials

Last October 22, 2009, selected CIT-SSG officers made a courtesy call to CIT President Gregorio Escario to discuss the concerns, grievances and suggestions of the Technologians.

In attendance were CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson, CIT-SSG Vice President Bryan P. Merino, CIT-SSG Secretary General Kevin Ray N. Chua, CIT-SSG Treasurer General Jolo R. Abella, CIT-SSG Legislative House Speaker Lordwin M. Dejaño and CIT-SSG Grievances and Concerns Committee Head Hannah Kristin D. Gitgano.

In the proposals made by the CIT-SSG, the following items were discussed:
  1. Providing toiletry vending machines in female comfort rooms. The school will be doing a pilot-testing on two female comfort rooms in the S&T Building and in the New Academic Buidling.
  2. Roof renovation in the S&T Study area is now on the process.
  3. Deans, Department Chairs and Heads will be authorized to confiscate the school ID's of students sitting on steps.
  4. Attitude of some security guards, especially in the front gate, already reported by the CIT-SSG.
  5. Roof extension in the stairs of the Main Building is now on the works. Either a canopy or baffles.
  6. Upgrading of the computers in ST 105 will be prioritized. Mr. Leonardo Nabua, Accountant of CIT, has reported that the school has ordered 94 computers: 47 for the upgraded CAD computer lab and the other 47 for ST 105.
  7. Engr. Nicarter Teves, CIT Property Custodian, has also agreed to modernize the sliding boards of the Accounting classes in Rms. 301 and 305 in the Main Building.
  8. Comfort rooms inside the CIT Library will now be open to the students and not only to the librarians and NAS assigned inside the CIT Library.
  9. Improved ventilation for the CIT Gym is still on the process with Engr. Jonathan Reyes conducting the study. Possibility of additional electric fans in the CIT Gym is still being studied.
  10. RFID system will be implemented next year as the last batch of CIT students who have the old CIT ID will already be graduating. Students on the next school year will be swiping their RFID in order to enter the school.
  11. Covered walk in front of the CIT Library is on the process and so as the solution to the flood area in front of it.
  12. CIT website is now undergoing a renovation and will be launching a new image soon as it is being improved to meet the demands of the students.
  13. Concerns with regards to the rounding off of payments were ironed out. If your payment has been rounded off, the additional payment will be counted to your next payment. So, no more worries if your payment has been rounded off by the teller.
  14. Regular maintenance of the canal along the Civil Engineering to Mining Engineering departments has been noted.
  15. Computer simulated AC/DC machines will be provided to the Electrical Engineering department.
  16. Wildcat Radio will be operating from 12 NN to 2 PM regularly.
  17. All concerns regarding ceiling fans in all the classrooms will be address, especially Rms. 154, 157, 158, 200, 202, 407, 409, 411, and 413.
  18. Defective lockers in the Chemical Engineering department will be fixed, especially in Rms. 154 and 155.
  19. Intramurals t-shirt printing and distribution will be decentralized.
  20. 2 Digital Balance will be provided for the Chemical Engineering department.
  21. Computer Engineering department will be provided with their own bulletin board.
  22. Air-condition unit in the Instrumentation Lab for the Electrical Engineering department will be provided.
  23. Hopefully, if CIT will become a university, Mr. Escario has heeded to the call of the CIT Alumni to rename it into CIT University instead. But, if you have name suggestions, feel free to submit it to us for forwarding to Mr. Escario's office.

More resolutions on issues will be posted. Please keep in touch.

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BagyongOndoy on October 26, 2009 at 8:21 AM said...

i have some concerns for the college of nursing department.

1. about our grading system. do the administration have plans to revise the grading system? we are used with the old grading system.

2. why do the engineering students have lockers but we nursing students don't have? we are bringing a lot of requirements everyday especially when we have our duties. a sign of discrimination?. :)

3. Our NSBO dont have any office. i think in every organization, it needs an office. even the press has a poor office. lol

4. The books in the library. Please add more nursing books. There are some books that only has one copy. PLEASE!!! i am begging you, please add more copies. We are to0 many to share for one book. specifically, "John Hopkins Symptoms and Remedies", "Psychiatric Nursing Diagnosis." Most of the books with less number of copies are on the general section.

5. Our extensions. Please let the instructors be good enough. Some instructors would give extension for those students who are late for like a minute. i know it is a part of discipline, but i hope they will be kind enough to at least give chance. Extension fee is very expensive. Instead of believing on the saying "better late than never", it is much better to say, "better absent than late". when you're absent, you'll have an extension, when you're late..still given an extension. which is which??.

5. Some CIs want students to chase them when we need their signature especially in our OR cases. please give them an action for this matter, it so unprofessional. Many cases already are gone and considered null because of him and im one of those unlucky students under him. specifically, MR. TAN.

6. Why do need to pay our extensions if we have service credits? We are in a global economic crisis, so please... remove the extension fees if we have service credits.

7. The School bus. every ride is 40 pesos. Why not free!? Our miscellaneous is very expensive as well as our laboratory fee and in fact, we dont use the laboratory more often. When i reach 4th year, we never use the laboratory anymore. so why expensive?

8. What's the purpose of SSG-CON representatives? I never saw them working for our department.

9. The aircondition of our classrooms especially in the new link and also in the review room. please check it more often.

10. Internet cafe in the Library. I think it is better if they will just close, their internet is so slow... slower than the turtle and the snail. Much better to use the room for the photocopiers. We need more photocopiers in the library.

-i think that would be all. I am looking forward for your reply and for the changes in our school before the graduation.

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