Free wifi service by your CIT-SSG

The CIT-SSG is now offering wifi service to all the Technologians, students and faculty for FREE. This is made possible by the efforts of the current officers in order to address the concerns of Technologians who want to access the internet for free inside the school.

This original plan was lobbied by CIT-SSG Secretary General Kevin Ray N. Chua to provide an internet connection for the CIT-SSG Office for its operations, online updates in Facebook, Twitter and etc. The plan was later revised in order to extend the scope to all the Technologians, with the help of CIT-SSG President Billy Jee V. Belenson. The plan was only approved now because of the tedious process on drafting the guidelines, estimating the costs and etc. This will be the start of assessing whether it would be practical for the school to be a free wifi zone.

Thanks a lot to SPS-MIS Head Engr. Bernard Villamor for supporting the CIT-SSG's endeavor, to Technical Support Group Head Rolando Tindoy for his guidance and to the CIT President Gregorio Escario for approving the proposal.

The CIT-SSG will be paying for the expenses of the wifi connection.

Here are some important points to note strictly:
  • No playing of online games.
  • Don't make unnecessary noises.
  • Don't turn on their speakers, instead bring headphones.
  • No using of receptacle outlets in the CIT-SSG Office for charging your laptops.
  • No opening of pornographic and violent sites.
You can get a registration form at the CIT-SSG Office starting March 1, 2010 (Monday) to avail of the free wifi service. Please bring the following to accomplish the registration form:
  1. 1 (ONE) 2x2 Colored Photo
  2. 1 Clear Photocopy of your school ID
  3. And yourself also
A maximum of 20 wifi users will be allowed, 10 in the bulletin board outside the CIT-SSG Office and 10 inside the CIT-SSG Office. We'll still looking on to the possibility of extending the number of users because the wifi signal can cover around 50M radius, which can even reach the study area near the CIT Library and even in the premises of the CIT Main Bldg from 1st Floor to 4th Floor.

Here's the schedule of the time to wifi service in order to avoid congestion, each with different passwords:
  • 7-9 AM
  • 12 NN - 2 PM
  • 5-8 PM

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clarence on February 28, 2010 at 2:55 AM said...

what's the catch, i mean why need to register if it's for free?

"A maximum of 20 wifi users will be allowed."

- what if i piggyback?

Kevin Ray Chua on February 28, 2010 at 5:49 PM said...

The registration form is for FREE. It is needed to document on who will be using the free wifi service. This is also our reference if ever the user is violating the guidelines for the free wifi service. This has been one condition that the CIT Administration has been asking so that this proposal will be approved.

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