CIT-SSG lines up activities for the Color's Days

We in the CIT-SSG have already lined-up the school activities that we will be organizing during the 63rd Color's Days for all the Technologians.

The Executive Branch of the CIT-SSG will be spearheading the CIT-SSG Band Concert. Although, there will be a change of format for this year's event. Instead of several bands playing, the CIT-SSG is trying it best to make it possible to have 1 Popular Band that will do the show and a few local bands. But as of now, this still remains a plan.

The Inter-Org Booth Festival will be handled by the Committee on Extra-Curricular Activities headed by Hon. Charlie Rivamonte. It will be held at the CIT High School Parking Lot this August 25-29, 2009. The opening ceremonies will be held at 1 PM on the first day of the event. Although the event was supposedly open for both recognized and unrecognized organizations inside the campus, Student Affairs Office Head Elsa J. Miral advised the CIT-SSG to only allow the recognized organizations.

The Committee on Rules and Regulations headed by Hon. Mel Cary Mula will be tasked to organize the General Information Quiz at the CIT Auditorium this August 26, 2009 from 1-5 PM. The contestants will be coming from each college.

The Technologian Pop and Dance Idol 2009 will be held at the CIT Gymnasium this August 26, 2009 from 5-9 PM and is under the supervision of the Committee on Public Relations, headed by Hon. Michael Vincent Paña. Auditions for this event is still to be scheduled.

The Amazing Race 2009, as tasked to the Committee on Grievances and Concerns headed by Hon. Hannah Kristin Gitgano, will be this August 28, 2009. Auditions for this event is still to be scheduled.

A new event that the CIT-SSG will be doing is the Bonggang Picture Art Contest, handled by the Committee on Research and Documentation headed by Hon. Charisma Gicale. The contest proper will be this August 20, 2009 from 9-11 AM at the CIT Library Back Lobby. On August 26, 2009, there will be an exhibit of the entries at the CIT Library Entrance.

For more details, please visit the CIT-SSG Office at the 2nd Floor of the CIT Main Building.

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