Winners for the CIT-SSG Activities during the Colors Day

Below are the winners of the activities sponsored by the CIT-SSG for the celebration of CIT's 63rd Colors Day.

Technologian Pop Idol 2009
1st - Charmaine Poserio
2nd - Arian Rabago
3rd - Chesil Acab

Technologian Dance Idol 2009
1st - Converse (Kenneth Casero & Lorraina Tabotabo)
2nd - The Masks (Jan Allan Bucao & Michael Ostria)

Amazing Race 2009
1st - Keep Right
2nd - Dash Random
3rd - GBBT

General Information Quiz 2009
1st - College of Computer Studies
2nd - College of Engineering and Architecture
3rd - College of Commerce

Bonggang Picture Art Contest
1st - Society of CITAA Scholars
2nd - JR PiChE
3rd - English Circle

Lulinghayaw Inter-org Booth Festival
1st - JR PiChE
2nd - JPSME
3rd - Christian Fellowship
Most Lively - JR PiChE
Highest Sales - JPSME

Congratulations to all the winners!

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