CIT-SSG 2010-2011 Officers now in office

Last March 6, 2010, the CIT-SSG 2010-2011 officers were officially inducted into their respective positions after the February 26, 2010 CIT-SSG elections.

The day started with a holy mass in the CIT Chapel offered for the success of the incoming officers. Joining the mass were former CIT-SSG President Billy Jee Belenson, the new CIT-SSG President Alan Angelo Llevares and the new CIT-SSG Vice President Dexter Dungog.

CIT-SSG officers representing the different departments and colleges of the school converged for the induction at the Function Rooms A & B of the Golden Gear Hotel. Gracing the induction ceremonies were Student Affairs Office Head Elsa J. Miral, MIS-SPS Director Engr. Bernard E. Villamor and CIT-SSG Adviser Engr. Jonathan Reyes.

The event started with an opening remarks from Mrs. Miral reinforcing the leadership in every officers. She also emphasized the willingness of their office to help the CIT-SSG in every undertakings for the welfare of the students.

Later, the CIT-SSG Legislative Representatives were inducted by Engr. Reyes. The induction of CIT-SSG Vice President Dungog and CIT-SSG President Llevares were officiated by Mrs. Miral.

Former CIT-SSG President Belenson gave his valedictory address and shared his thoughts on how his leadership has been. He expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the CIT-SSG 2009-2010 a successful administration. He said that it never crossed his mind of being a CIT-SSG President given that he was only an ordinary promdi boy in the school. But when the opportunity was there, he grabbed it and took responsibility. Though his term has ended, he has committed to extend his help to the incoming officers.

The new CIT-SSG President Llevares also delivered his speech which centered on making a positive change in his administration. He was also thankful by the warm reception of the different legislative representatives despite their party affiliation.

Engr. Villamor gave an inspirational talk with the officers and asking them to do their best as elected officers for they're student leaders in their own right.

Engr. Reyes formally closing the event literally made a meaning out of the word "CLOSING". He asked the different representatives to work with the new President and transcend with the political divide for the good of the Technologians.

College of Education Dean and outgoing Cebu City Councilor Arsenio Pacaña also shared his thoughts on leadership which encouraged more the officers to give their best shot in everything that they do.

After the induction ceremonies, the CIT-SSG immediately proceeded to the CIT-SSG Office for the 1st Joint Session. But before it started, CIT-SSG President Llevares initiated an activity which gives all of the officers to introduce themselves and share their expectations.

The 1st Joint Session was convened on 1:55 PM.

The officers elected their Speaker, Speaker Pro tempore, Legislative Secretary and different Committee heads and already started discussing about the upcoming Voter's Education Exhibit within this month.

Click the following links for the photos: Photo Album 1 and Photo Album 2

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