Congratulations to the CIT-SSG Leadership Awardees

In behalf of the entire CIT-SSG 2010-2011, we would like to extend our congratulations to the selected CIT-SSG 2009-2010 officers who will be awarded tomorrow in the CIT Parangal 2010 to recognize their valuable service that they have given.

Below is the list of the CIT-SSG Leadership Awardees for this year's Parangal:

  • Billy Jee Belenson
  • Bryan Merino
  • Kevin Ray Chua
  • Jose Isabelo Abella
  • Kim Honoridez
  • Regine Yocte
  • Darla Loyloy
  • Charlie Rivamonte
  • Dexter Dungog
  • Angelie Deguerro
  • Jan Michael Empinado
  • Marry-Ann Maurin
  • Citrex Ypanto
  • Lordwin Dejaño
  • Mel Cary Mula
  • Joseph Francis Parangan
  • Hannah Kristin Gitgano
  • Rogesa Marie Taboada
  • Zyra Denice Rago
  • Charisma Gicale
  • Ronnell Padillo
  • Vanessa Richie Alia
  • Rejoice Joice Morales
  • Jerald Paulo
  • Yra May Talaba
  • Margaret Johanna Alegado
  • Jessica Gingoyon
  • Louella Katrina Labrado
  • Liezl Sungahid
  • Michael Vincent Paña
  • Rodel Talaba
  • Michelle Ann Ruiz
  • Jay Ann Clamohoy
  • Federico Miguel Monte
  • Emilo Jurani

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