Bidlisiw, a new beginning, a new success!

The CIT-SSG would like to thank all the Technologians who watched and had fun during last night's "Bidlisiw - A New Beginning" Band Concert.

We really appreciated everyone who took time to attend the event and enjoy the night with the bands that we have prepared for the enjoyment of everyone.

In part of this, the CIT-SSG would like to ask for your comments, suggestions or reactions about last night's band concert so that we can assess it and have the next CIT-SSG an idea on what are the wants of the Technologians. We value these as it makes us more effective and efficient. Let us know! Share your thoughts here.

Thanks a lot!

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peter on August 26, 2009 at 2:20 AM said...

nindot untag naay mga sikat nga kanta/banda pareha anang boys like girls / red jumpsuit aparatus para makasabay sad mi ba unya mas lingaw ang jam.

more power teknoys
BY no.1 fan wahehehe

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