Qualifiers for the Final Screening of the Technologian Pop Idol 2009

The Committee on Public Relations, headed by Hon. Michael Vincente Paña, just released the list of the final qualifiers for the Technologian Pop Idol 2009.

Below are the final qualifiers:
  1. Acab, Chesil
  2. Alapag, Niño
  3. Bendebel, Grezel
  4. Cabarles, Mary Ann
  5. Calderon, John Mark
  6. Calooy, Jollybee
  7. Caparas, Anjelyn
  8. Dueñas, Jonard
  9. Gabison, Adrian
  10. Garrido, Jay Ann
  11. Garrucho, Jermaine
  12. Hernandez, Cyrine
  13. Madamba, Brigette
  14. Musngi, Eugene
  15. Obando, John Paul
  16. Pacaña, Nikki
  17. Poserio, Charmaine
  18. Rabago, Arian
  19. Rabago, Paul
  20. Serafin, Aubrey Patrice
  21. Yonson, Mark Jay
Final Screening will be at the Fine Arts Lab (Main Bldg. at Rm 403) on August 14, 2009 at EXACTLY 9:00 AM. Please don’t forget to bring with you your Minus 1 CD.

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AIKA GALLECA on August 13, 2009 at 8:47 AM said...

mark kay yunson! idol!
amo ng classmate
way pabor2x
mayng adlaw

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