Council of Leaders for 2009-2010

The Committee on Extra-Curricular Affairs, headed by Hon. Charlie Rivamonte, held an election among CIT's recognized organizations for the Council of Leaders (COL). The COL is the student organizations arm of the CIT-SSG.

It was created in order to have these recognized student organizations a voice in the CIT-SSG, similar to our Sangunniang Kabataan (SK) or the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC). The President of the COL will automatically be part of the CIT-SSG and become one of its members.

Below are the newly-elected officers of the COL:

President: Anton Gian Lopez Rodaje
Vice President: Pajero Pacina
Secretary: Ana Marie Yongco
Treasurer: Genry Oñate
Auditor: Ailyn Crujido
Mass Media Officers:
  • Niño Vincent Fiel
  • Faith Tan
Another note from President Billy Jee Belenson, who was also a former COL President before being elected as CIT-SSG President, is in the works of asking the Property Custodian to grant the COL their own office given their task.

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