Finalists for Technologian Pop and Dance Idol 2009

The Committee on Public Relations has already released the list of finalists qualifying to join the Amazing Race 2009 after the preliminary and final auditions.

Below are the 12 finalists for the Technologian POP Idol:
  1. Acab, Chesil
  2. Cabarles, Mary Ann
  3. Calderon, John Mark
  4. Dueñas, Jonard
  5. Gabison, Adrian
  6. Garrucho, Jermaine
  7. Musngi, Eugene
  8. Pacaña, Nikki
  9. Poserio, Charmaine
  10. Rabago, Arian
  11. Rabago, Paul
  12. Yonson, Mark Jay
Below are the 4 pairs for the Technologian DANCE Idol:
  1. Cordova, Dino
  2. Del Corro, Stephen
  3. Armamento, Timwel
  4. Armamento, Brint Zerwel
  5. Ostria, Michael Joseph
  6. Bucao, Jan Allan
  7. Casero, Kenneth
  8. Tabotabo, Lorrainah
Please attend the briefing on August 20, 2009 (Thursday), 12 NN at the CIT-SSG Office. If that time and day conflicts with your class schedule, please do send any representative/s from your group. This is a very important meeting.

For more information, please do visit the CIT-SSG at the 2nd Floor of the CIT Main Building or call us at 418-5608.

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